Tips for Family Health from BioRite Nutritionals


Taking care of your personal health is now particularly important due to our current public health pandemic. It is key to make sure you take care of your body, so it can take care of you. It’s important to do things that will also support your family’s health as well. 

There are several ways to care for yourself to reduce stress and improve your body functioning. While you’re home more than usual, you might have created a sedentary lifestyle. Let’s explore some health tips for you and your family’s health. 

1. Get moving - It’s best to get 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily. Some examples are playtime with the children and taking a walk after meals. Doing house chores like vacuuming, gardening, or walking the dog are also great for physical activity. 

2. Eat healthy - Having breakfast daily helps with energy for the day. Have 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables daily.  Add whole grains like oats and brown rice to your diet. Drink plenty of fluids and have a variety of foods in your meals. 

3. Take a break from technology - It’s important to limit your technology usage. Spend no more than two hours a day on TV, computers, and games. A healthy alternative is riding bikes or playing tag in the yard or park. 

4. Track your calories - It’s key to track your calorie intake, to see how many calories to burn from your daily calorie consumption.  

5. Make dinner time a family event - You can make sure you all eat one meal together daily in the kitchen. You can lower overeating by not eating in front of the TV as well. 

6. Set realistic goals - You can keep a food journal to see how many veggies you eat and water consumption daily. Think about limiting high-calorie foods and write down when you feel urges to eat fried foods and sweets the most.  

7. Workout with the TVon - You can lift weights, stretch, or use a machine while binge-watching your favorite shows. This way you don’t have to miss your favorite pass time and still be in shape. 

8. Choose healthy snacks - Healthy snacks like fruits and oats are a great source of energy. These snacks can get you through a long day of work and play. 

There are other tips you can do that will improve your mental health and social life.  It’s best to have a holistic view of your health. It’s important to include our social and emotional well-being in our health routine. Let’s look at some more tips for your family’s health. 

9. Get some rest - Adequate rest is important, especially for children. A child with a lack of sleep is wired and cannot calm down. Schedule an early bedtime daily and wind down without technology. This can also work for adults as well. 

10. Explore new adventures - As you spend more time with at home, explore new things with your family. Doing new social events together can improve your family health. 

11. Laughter is the best medicine - It’s healthy to find joy in your daily routine, to beat the mundane life. Find joy is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.  

12. Have an attitude of gratitude - When we find things to be grateful for, it can acknowledge the good things happening in rough times. You can have a gratitude jar and put one thing you’re grateful for in a jar. Read the thoughts at mealtime and see how much goodness is in your life. 

13. Make time for loved ones - Visit or call loved ones you have not seen in a long time. This helps build healthy relationships and shows kindness to others. This also teaches children that giving is more important than receiving. 

14. Mistakes are okay - It’s okay to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and forgive your family for their own mistakes. You can admit your own mistakes to your children, and model for them that being perfect is not important. 

Supplements to Support Your Health Routines

Now that you developed some new habits for your family health, you could use some more support. Health supplements from BioRite Nutritionals are a great choice to support overall health and well-being. In today’s world, your body and your family’s health can use an extra boost to build resistance against harmful bacteria. 

- Build immunity and energy - One supplement, Turbo Power Plus, is a natural immunity health liquid with over 47 vitamins and many anti-oxidants. It’s also packed with natural nutrients like aloe vera, acai, and noni.  

It can be hard to keep your energy up throughout the day without snacking on chips and sweets. Use the product to sustain your energy as you work virtually, clean the home, or play with your family. 

- Body cleansing - Power Wash helps those who are exposed to the public on a regular basis at work and cleanse foreign bacteria from the body. The product contains Vitamins B and B12, fennel seed, zinc, calcium, and other minerals. The liquid detoxifies the digestive system and cleans up congestion mucus. 

This is great for truck drivers and other frontline workers. If you’re a frontline worker, use this product to reduce your exposure to foreign antibodies and restore health to your body. 

- Appetite Control - The Turbopower Fat Burner capsules reduce the fat in your body with multiple antioxidants and vitamins. Green tea extract and cocoa is also included as nutrients. 

If you’re looking to get rid of some extra weight, Turbopower Capsules can help you reach this goal.  Turbopower could help control your appetite and reduce your frequent visits to the kitchen as well. 

 Hormone enhancer and sleep aid – Reverse Gear capsules slow down the aging process, by building muscle mass, energy, and memory. This is also great to improve your sleep as well. This is great for those in your family, who are aging and need hormonal support. 

Take time to apply these health tips to your health and family health. During our daily routine, you might not always eat healthy or exercise. If you’re working a lot of hours, you might not get adequate sleep, draining your energy. Let BioRite Nutritionals supplements support your family health during your daily routines. Visit our site today to support your health and family health. 

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