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Get Fit: How to Pair Health Supplements with Your Exercise Routine

Are you finding yourself exhausted during and after workouts? 

You might be missing several key health supplements in your diet. We have a guide of health tips for some of the best ingredients and supplements you can add to your workout routine to boost your health and energy. 

Continue reading to gain insight into what you might be missing out on when it comes to supplements paired with exercise.

Taking Supplements 1-3 Hours Before Your Workout

Prepping before a workout might include packing a gym bag, filling your water bottle, and tying your laces. 

But there is an extra step that you can take that will benefit your body and your workout: supplements. A couple of hours before your workout, there are several great supplements that will boost your energy, your drive, and your exercise. 

Cocoa Extract

Loading up on antioxidants is extremely important before any workout to combat the inflammation your body has during exercise. 

Cocoa extract is a great source of antioxidants, containing up to 5x more than blueberries. The properties included in cocoa extract are beneficial for building your system and encouraging blood flow. This is great for consumption before a workout, allowing your body to supply antioxidants as needed. 

Caffeine is a natural stimulator, derived from many sources. Consuming a pre-workout mix that includes caffeine will promote weight loss, energy, and endurance. 

Finding a source of pure caffeine will enhance your day and prep you for your energy-driven workout. Alternatively, finding a source that contains pure green tea extract will also promote caffeinated energy and well-being.

Caffeine or Green Tea Extract

Along with caffeine in a pre-workout mix, l-theanine is a great addition to your supplemental intake. Paired with caffeine, this supplement is a contender for more energy, boosted focus, and fewer jitters from excessive caffeine intake.  

Finding a pre-workout supplement that includes cocoa extract, caffeine, and l-theanine is important for your energy levels and your exercise. 

If you’re searching for a mix that includes these and more, our Turbo Power Fat Burner is a great pre-workout supplement. 

Supplements to Take 30 Minutes Before a Workout

When arriving at the gym, you can prepare for exercise by eating several foods or taking a supplement that contains beneficial ingredients for your body.


Consuming foods or supplements that contain niacin will increase your weight loss and blood flow. Niacin helps dilate blood vessels, allowing an increase in blood flow in your body. 

Niacin is known to help those who lift weights by boosting energy and positive blood flow. Consuming niacin before a vigorous workout is known to help with endurance and recovery. 

Some foods that include niacin are milk, cereal, and peanuts. Taking a milkshake or snacks that include niacin with you to the gym will boost energy and efficiency.  

On the list of positive supplements, magnesium is an all-around great contender for pre-workout consumption. 

Magnesium builds muscle and increases protein synthesis. It also stimulates muscle and nerve function, helps blood glucose levels, and grows energy production. 

Needless to say, magnesium is extremely beneficial for all areas of your body. Foods that have magnesium include whole grains, almonds, cashews, and dark chocolate. 

Eating these as snacks before a workout will boost your energy levels and promote muscle function. If none of these foods are present in your diet, consider taking a supplement that includes both niacin and magnesium, like Turbo Power Plus.


Replenish After Your Workout

Immediately after a workout, there are foods and supplements that help restore and replenish your body. Consuming beneficial nutrients helps your system recharge and helps your workout set in. 

Whey Protein

Right after a workout, your body needs to build back up on protein. Whey protein is a wonderful protein source that targets muscle recovery and growth. 

With all 9 amino acids included, consuming whey protein is the perfect way to wind down after a workout. Some foods that have whey protein are milk, yogurt, and ricotta cheese. There are countless whey protein supplements available as well. 

One of the best supplements you can take to improve lean muscle mass and power, creatine is highly recommended to include in your diet. 

Some people prefer taking creatine in supplements or in foods like fish, meat, and dairy.


Branched-chain amino acids are important for muscle growth and insulin promotion. Out of leucine, isoleucine, and valine included in BCAAs, leucine is the most beneficial for your body.  

Take BCAA supplements before and after workouts and in the morning. This will promote your muscle health and boost your energy. 

End Your Day With Restorative Rest and Supplements

Resting and recharging after your workout and for the rest of the day is essential to good muscle recovery and sleep. There are several supplements that can be taken in foods or in a supplement mix. These promote healthy restoration and a peaceful mind and body.


Riboflavin is known to protect cell tissue from oxidative damage, and in a good dose, can help relieve muscle soreness. Taking riboflavin at the end of the day as you wind down is beneficial as your body responds to this helpful supplement. 

You can find riboflavin in green vegetables, fortified cereals, bread, and milk. Riboflavin is also available in many supplements, such as our Power Wash formula.

This vitamin helps blood cells and nerve functions stay healthy and creates energy throughout your system. You might take vitamin B12 throughout your day and in nightly supplements.

Vitamin B12

One of the best supplements you can take to nourish your mind and your body is calcium. Calcium helps the brain use tryptophan to induce melatonin, allowing you to drift off to sleep naturally and peacefully. 

This is especially beneficial after an evening workout, as restoration and rest are side effects of consuming calcium. Of course, milk is rich in calcium and so are several supplement mixes. 

Several daily health tips are to include calcium in your diet and look for foods rich in vitamins. Reverse Gear is formulated to help increase immune system functions and grow lean muscle mass. It also includes vitamin B12 and calcium to help your system function at its best.

Keeping an Exercise Routine with Your Health Supplements

Adding health supplements to your exercise routine will promote health and boost different areas of your body. Pairing these healthy products with your workout routine will help you get fit and lose weight, as well as improve your health. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our products and how they benefit you, take a look at our FAQs.

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